Nyheter för Malmö Open Goalball 2017

Malmö Open Goalball 2017

The Eliteclass was a part of the SEGL 2016/17

Publicerad: 2017-02-12
This year our Eliteclass was a part of the big Super European Goalball Leauge and our round was the last for the season 2016/2017. Old Power won the leauge even if they dont reach so high level during this weekend but due to their win and success Sporting Portugal did a really high climb in the table and ended on second place and the bronze goes to FIFH Malmö.

Erkki Minala from Old Power won the title as the topscorer in the SEGL with a total of 99 scored goals. Fatmir Seremeti from FIFH Malmö took the second place with 50 scored goals.

Scorerlist Elite Class

Publicerad: 2017-02-12
30 Justas Pazarauskas - Sporting CP
28 Erkki Miinala - Old Power
23 Fatmir Seremeti - FIFH Malmö
22 Jimmy Björkstrand - FIFH Malmö
15 Ville Montonen - Näpäjä
14 Magnus Rendahl - IFAS/FSBU
11 Marcel Lehmann - RGC Hansa
10 João Mota Sousa - Sporting CP
9 Reno Tiede - RGC Hansa
9 Mikael Ã…kerberg - IFAS/FSBU
9 Mindaugas Suchojevus - Sporting CP
8 Hadiley Sacramento - Sporting CP
6 Christian Friebel - RGC Hansa
5 Piotr Lawniczak - IFAS/FSBU
5 Markus Tihumäki - Näpäjä
5 Miika Honkanen - Näpäjä
5 Eetu Eronen - Old Power
5 Ehsan Zoveidavi - Old Power
3 Stefan Gahne - FIFH Malmö
3 Petri Posio - Näpäjä
3 Mikko Viittala - Old Power
2 Olof Rydberg - IFAS/FSBU
1 Nils Posse - IFAS/FSBU
1 Gustav Koch Rasmussen - FIFH Malmö
1 Mantas Brazauskis - Sporting CP

Scorerlist Open Class

Publicerad: 2017-02-12
21 Sergio Gallardo - Spain
20 Daut Hoxha - KG Ferizaj
18 Danny Maab - RGC Hansa
17 Meica Christensen - FIFH Malmö
17 Christer Engman - Brukarhuset IF
16 Abdul Aldhefiri - Thessaloniki
14 Warren Wilson - Cambridge
13 Ricky Nielsen - BSI Denmark
11 Athanasios Chatzipantou - Thessaloniki
11 Anja Christensen - FIFH Malmö
11 Sam Hoskin - Winchester GC
11 Sixten Berner - Brukarhuset IF
11 Charlotte Kaercher - RGC Hansa
11 Joshua Murphy - Worcester
9 Winter Abdersson - IFAS
9 David Plou - Spain
8 Adriano Bezhani - Thessaloniki
8 Kali Holder - Cambridge
8 Maria WÃ¥glund - IFAS
8 Enol Varela - Spain
7 Stan Sperlich - RGC Hansa
6 Silas Fris Hansen - BSI Denmark
6 Daniel Reeves - Worcester
5 Rinor Ymeri - KG Ferizaj
5 Oscar Widegren - IFAS
5 Liam Hall - Winchester GC
4 Josefine Jälmestål - IFAS
4 Sergio Chamorro - Spain
4 Mathias Larsen - BSI Denmark
3 Vasiliki Ago - Thessaloniki
3 Nick Burr - Cambridge
3 Boris Samuelsson - Brukarhuset IF
3 Ruben Moreno - Spain
3 Ali Al-Hamadini - Worcester
2 Sarah Leiter - Cambridge
2 Emil Thulin - FIFH Malmö
2 James Sindole - Winchester GC
2 Stig Eriksson - Brukarhuset IF
2 Mads Faurholdt Larsen - BSI Denmark
1 Boris Suljovic - FIFH Malmö
1 Beritan Fener - FIFH Malmö
1 Richard Wheeler - Winchester GC
1 Sergio Magarinos - Spain
1 Gustav Pedersen - BSI Denmark
1 Michelle Tiede - RGC Hansa
1 Lois Turner - Worcester

Portugal is the new champions

Publicerad: 2017-02-12
We have now reach the end of the Malmö Open Goalball 2017 and Portugal is the new champions in the eliteclass after a great performance during the weekend. They won all their five games and scored 58 goals. The margin to the silvermedalists was five points and last years champions FIFH Malmö ended on second with ten points. IFAS/FSBU took the bronze and was followed by Old Power, Näpäjä and RGC Hansa.

In the Open Class two teams dominated during the weekend and it was just logic that they played against each other in the final. There Thessaloniki was to strong and beat Spain by 8-3. Brukarhuset beats FIFH Malmö in the bronzegame by 7-3.

Justas Pazarauskas from Sporting was the topscorer in the elitclass with his 30 goals. At the Open Class Sergio Gallardo from Spain scored 21 goals and won the title for men and for women Meica Christensen was the topscorer by her 17 goals.

Below you can find the final standings at the tournament.

1. Sporting Portugal
2. FIFH Malmö
4. Old Power
5. Näpäjä
6. RGC Hansa

1. Thessaloniki
2. Spain
3. Brukarhuset
4. FIFH Malmö
5. KG Ferizaj
6. RGC Hansa
8. Winchester
9. Cambridge
10. BSI Denmark
11. Worcester

Gameschedule 2017

Publicerad: 2017-01-14
The gameschedule are now official for the tournament.

The pools is here

Publicerad: 2017-01-04
The pools are here
Publicerad: 2017-01-04
The teams are divided into following pools:

RGC Hansa
FIFH Malmö
Old Power
Sporting CP

Open A
Kleio Thessaloniki
KG Ferizaj
Cambridge Dons
FIFH Malmö
Winchester GC

Open B
Brukarhusets IF
Young Blind Club
BSI Denmark
RGC Hansa
Worcester Reunited

Come and visit us during the tournament

Publicerad: 2017-01-04
You are welcome to visit us for free during the tournament. We will start the games at 09.00 all three days and we will play at \"Kulldals Sportahall\" which is on the address Per-Albin Hanssons väg 102 in Malmö, Sweden. To find the address please look at the map on the link.
If you are driving here please be aware of the parkingrules at the parkingarea!


Do you need more information?

Publicerad: 2017-01-04
If you have any questions regarding the tournament please send an e-mail to bjorkstrand@telia.com. You can also get more information from our club FIFH Malmö at +4640928930 or on the webpage www.malmo-open.com

Team information

Publicerad: 2017-01-04
* The tournament will be played in Kulladals Sports-venue (Per-Albin Hanssons väg 102).

* Transports from your hotel to the venue will departure as the attached schedule.

* We will not have a general coach- and refereemeeting. When you arrive to the venue you shall check in your team at the headsecretary (in the gap between the venues) as soon as possible. There you will get all information and confirm your team line up.

* Elite: A single round robin as a round of the Super European Goalball Leauge. The winner of this round will be the winner of the Elite class.

* Open: Two pools with a single round robin. The 1st teams will play in the final and the 2nd teams will play in the bronzegame.

* If there is any delays there will always be 7 minutes between two games. We will start the games in both venues at the same time to handle referees and officials.

* There will be a cointoss 5 minutes before each game at the scoreboard in each venue. We only toss about which team who will starts with the ball. The scheduled home-team always starts at the left side of the scoreboard.

* The prize-ceremony will take place right after the final games.

Malmö Open History

Publicerad: 2017-01-03
This year we will play the 23rd edition of the Malmö Open Goalball-competition. During the years we had the following winners:

1995: BBU IF (Swe)
1996: BBU IF (Swe)
1997: BBU IF (Swe)
1998: Stjerne Vanlöse (Den)
1999: BSI Ã…rhus (Den)
2000: BSI Ã…rhus (Den)
2001_ FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2002: IFAS Dynamite (Swe)
2003: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2004: Hammarby IF (Swe)
2005: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2006: Alberta (Can)
2007: IFAS Dynamite (Swe)
2008: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2009: Näpäjä (Fin)
2010: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2011: Old Power (Fin)
2012: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2013: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2014: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2015: IFAS (Swe)
2016_ FIFH Malmö (Swe)

1996: Sugi (Swe)
1997: BSI (Swe)
1998: X-2000 (Swe)
1999: BBU Power / BSI (Swe/Den)
2000: BBU Power (Swe)
2001: BSI Juniors (Den)
2002: BSI Birds (Den)
2003: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2004: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2005: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2006: FIFH Malmö (Swe)
2007: Hammarby IF (Swe)
2008: Hammarby IF (Swe)
2009: Hammarby IF (Swe)
2010: Hammarby IF (Swe)
2011: Hammerfall (Den)
2012: Dangerous Reindeer (Fin)
2013: BSU (Den)
2014: BSU Pirsos (Gre)
2015: Hungary
2016: BSU Pirsos (Gre)

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