Nyheter för Malmö Open Fotboll 2017

Malmö Open Fotboll 2017


Publicerad: 2017-01-15

• There will be a coaches meeting at the headsecretary desc on Saturday 11th February 09.30 am. We want one coach from each team to be there.

• All teams shall give their team lineup sheet at the coaches meeting to the headsecretary.

• There will be dressingrooms available at the old Malmö Stadium (app. 300 metres from the venue). Just ask the secretary if you need directions to find them).

• Division 1 and 2: Six teams participate in each division. A single round robin and then the 1st and 2nd team are qualified for the semifinal. Team 3 to 6 will play quarterfinals and the winners go to the semifinals. The losers at the quarters will play a game for 5th and sixth place.

• Division 3 and 4: Four teams participate in each division. A double round robin follows by semifinals.

• The first mentioned team at the schedule will be at the left side of the scoreboard.

• The arena is divided in three courts. The first court at the entrance is Venue 3.
If there is an empty court you can use that for warmup but make sure that you don´t disturb the games on other courts.

• All results will be published on screens at the arena and you can also find all information and all updated results and standings on http://www.cupsupport.se/cup/visa_cscupspel.php?Cupnr=1371

• When you need transportation, please order the bus at the head secretary desc at least 30 minutes before you want to leave.

• The price ceremony will be right after the final games on Sunday. We kindly ask you to stay in the arena so we can start the price ceremony without any delays.

We will use the ordinary rules for futsall with a few exceptions:
• The surface will be artificial grass.
• A team can cosist by a free numbers of players and substitutions can be done free during the game.
• The playingtime is set to 1x15 minutes (no team timeout)
• It is free to pass to the goalkeeper how many times you want but the goalkeeper can not take th

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